Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Y Gen Credo: Conectividad

Interesante la nota del National Post de Cananda a partir del intento de expulsion de Chris Avenir, un estudiante de la universidad de Ryerson en Toronoto, acusado de hacer trampa por crear un grupo de estudio de quimica en Facebook.

"In the end, the appeals committee ruled against expulsion but gave the student a zero on the assignments that were discussed on Facebook. But the story didn't end there. Instead, it has sparked a debate on the differences between Baby Boomer and Gen-Yers brains and the way they interact in the workplace."

"Today's bright and energetic Gen-Yers are tomorrow's leaders, so it's imperative to give them the tools they need to connect, collaborate and compete. Then sit back and watch them soar, taking the company along for the ride."

Basicamente se trata de entender que esta generacion es diferente.

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